segunda-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2015


By Adriana Müller (Dec, 2014)

The gateway to 2015 is open. And if you look carefully you will see that the Great Weaver has done an amazing work: a light web fills the entire passage way to ensure that each of us gets into 2015 renewed.

Legend says that the Great Weaver weaves, with threads of light, several filters that clean our thoughts and feelings, ensuring that our actions are more aligned with the divine purpose.

Therefore, in order to fulfill our mission during this brand new year, before passing through the gateway take your time and think about this last year: what was good or bad, what skills and abilities you had to access along these past days and months. Be thankful for the opportunity you had to learn more and more.

Then, look ahead and set your goals for this coming year. Dreams have the power to make us move forward! And 2015 is full of dreams waiting to come true: dreams of Peace, Brotherhood, Togetherness, Hope, Dignity ... Dreams that are only waiting for our actions to leave the world of ideas and find their place in the real one. What dreams do you want to achieve?

Finally, let the filter of the Great Weaver sort out things that are useful for your walk from everything that is old and can slow you down. Then it’s time to thank this helping hand, to take your first step into 2015, and to continue your journey towards the accomplishment of your mission: making dreams come true.

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  1. Thank you for the (very) useful message. Um grande abraco saudoso, Flavio